I’ve talked to many business owners through the years and I’ve asked this first question on more than a few occasions. The quick, almost incredulous response is, “Are you crazy?”

Well, that might still be up for debate, but when it comes to your family’s health and safety, if you know NOTHING about this doctor -no matter how cheap he or she is, some things are simply too important to leave to chance.

But here’s the kicker … those same business owners, when asked, can’t give a fair answer as to why they simply hired the cheapest writer for their blogs or web pages. “Well, they had decent looking samples.”

Hey, that mobile clinic might have looked absolutely pristine against the backdrop of a dark alley, but still …
What is ‘decent looking enough?’
That’s where the real questions start. For most people with whom I’ve discussed this topic, ‘decent’ quality essentially means good grammar, or at least as good (if not better) as what the business owner could produce. They think little about actual customer or target audience ENGAGEMENT.
Almost anyone can put words to paper (or onto the screen), but does that mean they have the skills, knowledge, or experience to understand the dynamics of language? Tempo, style, tone, pace … every single detail drives a reader to move down the page (or the screen).
That’s where the call to action resides.
Yet everywhere you turn today there seem to be people promoting themselves as professional writers even though they have little to no actual experience.
In the medical profession, a doctor must be board certified and licensed to practice. In the world of writing, there’s no license or certification required. You look at a sample or two that might look good, but how can you be sure you’re hiring a true, experienced professional? After all, you’re hiring a writer because you know you don’t have the skills to do the content justice.

Steps to Take
Learn about their background. Just because they worked in a company as a sales rep or in human resources writing emails or memos doesn’t mean they’re qualified to help you maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) through marketing content.
Choose a company that not only has vast experience and documentable successes for hundreds and even thousands of clients, but that also has an educational background in writing.
Does a writer need a formal education to be great at their craft? No, of course not, but when you’re sifting through hundreds of freelancers all claiming to have experience, to have been writing for years, to be a ‘published author,’ take a moment and realize that those are as easy to claim as they are to write.
Did you know there are thousands upon thousands of ‘bestselling’ authors out there? Most of them had the only book in a particular category. It’s not that hard to be a bestseller when you’re the only one listed.
Your business deserves the best. You deserve a writer who has honed his or her craft through years of work, practice, education, critiquing, rewriting, and more.
When you need the expertise of a pro writer, think about it like finding the ideal doctor for you or your family. When you do, you’ll get polished prose, creative content, and killer copy that will attract readers and guide them toward your ultimate goal.