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RELY: Enabling People To be The Today Hero In Their Own Homes

 Be The Hero Your Family Needs … Take Action TODAY To Protect Family And Home From Tomorrow

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 For Every Threat And Every Risk To Family And Property, One Company Brings The Best Solutions Home


Driven by one purpose, RELY is focused on protection for family, home, life, and possessions.

Boost Security – RELY utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology for advanced security and communication.

Affordable – No contracts. Ever. No costly installers. NO HIDDEN FEES. Simple, honest, up-front pricing on every unit.

Everything – RELY offers EVERYTHING needed to help you protect and secure home and family.


Designed and BUILT to protect against

  • Burglary
  • Home invasion
  • Threats unseen

No one can predict the future. But you can take action today to be prepared for nearly every possible emergency. Tools and information are the best assets and RELY delivers it all.


RELY Gives You EVERYTHING Needed To Secure Your Home, Family, and Property. A Complete Solution At Your Fingertips With No Long-Term Contract And A Fully Secure, Completely Reliable System!


Outsmart Tomorrow’s Threat! Become Today’s HERO!



 “Do You Ever Worry That You (Or Your Family) Will Be The Victim Of A Burglary?”

A Home Break-In Occurs Every 13 Seconds In The U.S. (That’s 6,646 Homes And Families Impacted In A Dramatic Way … Every Day), So Yeah, You’re Right To Worry!


From: Xan Spencer -Founder/CEO Rely

Subject: Everyone Wanting to Protect Family and Home!

 [Note to client.]

Do you ever worry that you (or your family) will be the victim of a burglary?

You know the feeling. It’s late at night and something ripped you from the middle of an intense dream.

You’re disoriented …

You heard something …

Now your heart is jacked up and you have to investigate.

Sure, you could stay warm and comfy in bed, but what if it’s a break-in?

It could be nothing … this time. But now it’s in your head.

You may have a dog, or a gun, or a baseball bat by your bed. Any or all of these are fine, but nobody really wants their family to experience such a series of unpredictable events. It’s just too dangerous, plus, they won’t protect you all the time.

Did you know …

Most Homes Are Broken Into While The Owners Are AWAY?!?

That’s right … while you’re at work is when your home is at greatest risk.


What Happened To The Good Ole Days When:

  • you could just leave your doors unlocked …
  • neighbors looked out for one another …
  • and you didn’t have to worry about your family or home when you went to work (or out of town, etc.)

Can’t We Just All Go Back To The Way Things Used To Be?


Sadly, we don’t live in those days anymore.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to just sit by and wait to become the next victim!

You can now take charge with an affordable and powerful Home Security System!


I Want To Introduce You To RELY.

A new company that will let you …

… Outsmart The ‘Bad People’ In This World. Take Back Control!


Yes, RELY’s system was specifically designed to give you the highest level of security at the best price … to help you become the Today Hero of your own home by:

  • Making Home Security Affordable
  • Detering Would-Be Burglars
  • Breaking Free From Pesky Long-Term Contracts
  • Giving You Full Control While At Home Or Away

Finally, a home security solution that let’s you:

Live Life On Your Terms Without Fear Or Anxiety While Securing Your Home And Family Against Almost Every Threat!


 Total. Powerful. Performance.

True Home Security Begins With The Most Powerful System, But With Rely, That’s Only The Beginning.

In Less Than 10 Minutes, Your RELY System Can Be Shielding Your Home And Family From A Host Of Hidden Threats!


A few amazing features RELY offers:

  • The next generation home security system (there’s never been anything quite like it)
  • PowerG technology to make would-be hackers look like fumbling fools
  • Built-in siren that’ll drive any would-be criminal away, screaming in fear
  • Smart yet incredibly easy-to-use technology even grandma can handle
  • Sleek, modular design
  • The most reliable system and monitoring
  • Lightning fast response times
  • Fully scalable
  • No contracts
  • Moving? Take it wherever you go!

… and so much more!


For Every Threat And Every Risk To Family And Property, One Company Brings The Best Solutions Home

RELY Was Created So That Homeowners And Renters Like You …

  • … who want to protect their family
  • … who want to protect their home

… Can Easily Take Control And Feel Secure Each And Every Single Day!


Securing Today. For Tomorrow.


A Little Bit About How RELY Works…


FIRST, with the most powerful, advanced, and reliable home security system.

Indoor motion detection and secured front entry doors, you’ll enjoy mutliple layers of protection against external threats. (And no, your dog or cat wandering around in the middle of the night isn’t going to set the alarm off every night … our system is quite intelligent).

It’s like having laser lights protecting your most valued assets (property and family) without the dramatic Hollywood action.


SECOND, PowerG technology offers the most powerful encryption and ability to ensure every square inch of property is secured.

No dead zones. No gaps. This technology is literally used to cover an entire aircraft carrier with ease … and the signal moves through 4-inch steel walls, too! (It’ll cover your home, no matter how big.)

Boosts battery life … almost doubling it compared to other home security systems.

Impervious to hacking. It changes frequency 64 times a second, so that’s like trying to pin the tail on the donkey … while the ‘donkey’ was taped to the back of car cruising down a mutli-lane highway and changing lanes 64 times a second. (Hint: even Tom Cruise would call this a Mission: Impossible).


THIRD, RELY offers the Total Control Mobile app.

Our system connects to more than 200 home security and smart home automation products; which means you can control lights, video cameras, entertainment, appliances, arm and disarm your system, and so much more … all from wherever you are (in the bedroom or around the world).

You can even have a little fun with the kids by turning the lights on and off when they’re home alone … or keep tabs on teens and the friends they’re not supposed to have over while you’re out on a much-needed ‘date night.’

Oh, and keep in mind that every comes fully pre-programmed and there’s absolutely no need for installation … you can have this set up yourself in minutes!


Welcome to the life you deserve …


No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Unexpected Costs.

RELY Gives You EVERYTHING Needed To Secure Your Home, Family, and Property. A Complete Solution At Your Fingertips With No Long-Term Contract And A Fully Secure, Completely Reliable System!


Outsmart Tomorrow’s Threat! Become Today’s HERO!

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Unexpected Costs.

RELY Gives You EVERYTHING Needed To Secure Your Home, Family, And Property, A Complete Solution At Your Fingertips With No Long-Term Contract And A Fully Secure, Completely Reliable System!


Outsmart Tomorrow’s Threat! Become Today’s HERO!


“Wise choices will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” -Proverbs 2:11


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RELY Is More Than A Home Security System That Scares Away Would-Be Criminals From Your Home … It’s A Community!

Have you ever wondered why security companies don’t take the time or invest money educating their customers and their families beyond a system and monitoring?

It’s overlooked because they don’t make any money from it. So, they don’t devote any of their resources to it!

Most home security companies give the excuse that these topics are common sense … but the threats have grown exponentially, right along with technology. As you’re away from home more often for work, school functions, community events, church, etc. … the threats never take a break!

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE that answers ALL your questions about safety, security, and protecting your home, assets, and loved ones?


RELY Starts With The Best Home Security System And Monitoring In The Nation And Then Brings A Community And An Ever-Growing Wealth Of Resources To Your Home.

It Removes The Doubt, The Questions, And Second-Guessing From Daily Life… So You Can Live WORRY-FREE!


When you choose RELY, you choose a nationwide company that operates in all 50 states, yet remains family owned.

There’s no Board of Directors or investors demanding us to increase prices to better fill their wallets with ever-increasing profits …

… just a team of amazing men and women who know firsthand what it means to be a victim.

And we want YOU to NEVER feel that way!


Yes, RELY Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Secure Your Home, Family, And Property!

In ONE Complete, Easy-To-Use And Incredibly Reliable System!


It takes an army to protect a nation, a police force to protect a town … why do we think a simple lock … or a basic alarm … is enough to protect home and family?

RELY offers EVERYTHING … and that means EVERYTHING … including

  • The most ADVANCED and secure home security system,
  • Proprietary PowerG technology makes every signal fully encrypted, making RELY virtually unhackable and extremely powerful,
  • The most RESPONSIVE 24/7 advanced monitoring with multiple locations that are each Diamond Certified,
  • A community resource to answer ALL your home security questions … any time of the day or night.
  • And much more!

It’s not JUST about securing your home at night or during the day when you’re away, but being FULLY prepared for almost EVERY imaginable emergency situation your family could face.

It’s also about protecting your assets, your wealth, your identity …

RELY Truly Is THE Complete Solution!


“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1


That He most certainly is, but He also expects us to do our part … and you can think of RELY as one more piece of Armor He has given us to do just that.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow.]


With RELY, You’ll Have Access To The TODAY HERO FAMILY PROGRAM, A Members Only Area Rich With Valuable Resources To Stay Protected In Almost EVERY Area Of Life!


Just A Few Scenarios/Examples Of The Many Ways RELY Can Protect …

You’re at work … suddenly your phone alerts you that the system’s been triggered. With our RELYLive Group Chat, you can verify that’s something wrong and alert the authorities who’ll be dispatched immediately or let our 24/7 monitoring team do it for you.

Or you can check in on an optional video camera, see that everything is fine and safe when your kids are returning from school, or a friend’s house, or just to offer yourself some reassurance.


It’s late at night… you’re getting back well after dark and all the lights are off. Pulling up the Total Control Mobile app, you can illuminate the driveway, front steps, and any room in the house that’s connected to your RELY system.

No more walking into a pitch-dark house and wondering if you’re truly safe!


3 o’clock in the morning and your RELY system alarm blares. It’s detected carbon monoxide. While you get the kids, your spouse, and pets up and out of the house, RELY’s monitoring will already have emergency services on route to you… so they can check and make sure everyone’s in good health.


Maybe you have an aging parent with dementia living with you, or a special needs child … either one may have a tendency to wander. RELY will notify you if certain doors you’ve set-up to the system are opened at night, during the day, or other times when problems may arise.

It’s also a great way to make sure teenagers aren’t slipping out of their bedroom windows when they’re supposed to be studying, or asleep, or grounded!


There are so many other examples of what RELY can do to protect your home and family every second of every minute of every hour of every day.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow.]


Okay, But What About The Cost?

That’s a GREAT question.

Let me ask you one in return: “if something were to happen to your home or someone you love … how much would you give to take it all back?”

Safety… Security…

… it’s priceless.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to mortgage your home.

RELY’s system is incredibly affordable, AND…

… you get to try it RISK FREE for 60 days!

That means if -for ANY reason- you don’t think it’s the absolute BEST complete home security solution in the world… return your RELY system for a full refund.

There’s absolutely NO contracts to sign. No slick salesperson’s coming to your door to promise a ‘free’ system, then trap you into a 3 or 5-year contract with super-high overpriced monthly monitoring not even the best litigators in the world could break you out of.

There are NO hidden fees of any kind!

We offer one of the most affordable month-by-month (cancel any time… because there are NO contracts) monitoring service for just $15/month!


That’s WAY cheaper than your cell phone bill, cable and Internet costs, and even going out to dinner once a month … by yourself! It’s the MOST AFFORDABLE way to protect your home, family, and possessions. Period.



Are You Now Ready To Take Full Charge Of The Safety And Well-Being Of Your Family At Home?


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


Is It Any Coincidence That 83% Of Convicted Burglars Admitted They Specifically Look To See If A Home Has A Security System …


… And That A Home WITHOUT A Security System Is 300% MORE Likely To Be Victimized By Break-Ins?


Knowing this is one thing … taking action is something else entirely.

It’s easy to become lulled into a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY for one reason or another.

  • “I live in a good neighborhood.”
  • “Our dogs will keep us safe.”
  • “I have a firearm for protection.”
  • “It’s never happened to me before.”


Keep in mind… burglars DON’T KNOW THESE THINGS! Well, they know the type of neighborhood in which you live … and that you may have dogs … but are those reasons ‘good enough’ to keep you and your family and possessions protected?


Not A Chance! Today’s Hero Doesn’t Count On Just ONE Factor To Protect Against Tomorrow’s Threats.


He or She RELIES on the BEST tools to stay one step ahead of those would-be burglars, emergencies, and other circumstances that could put them, their family, or their home at risk.


But, What About Common Objections To Adding A Home Security System?


Excuses are easy to make, and below are some of the most common people lean on to avoid making the right commitment that will properly protect their home, family, and life.

“It Won’t Happen To Me … I Live In A Good Neighborhood.”

One of the most common excuses people make to avoid a home security solution is the neighborhood in which they live.

Sure, the houses might be nice.

Your neighbors are THE BEST.

Every lawn is manicured.

But you know what? Burglars LOVE these neighborhoods because …


Your neighborhood might be patrolled regularly. It might have its own Neighborhood Watch Program, but a desperate criminal (and let’s face it … most of them are desperate) isn’t deterred by such things. (85% of burglaries are committed out of desperation, making them even more dangerous!)

They could have badges, utility worker uniforms, and even have vans that look the part. Being that the MAJORITY OF HOME BREAK-INS OCCUR DURING 10am AND 3pm, your neighborhood isn’t as safe as you assume, and neither is your home and family.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow.]


“I Don’t Want To Be Locked Into A Contract!”

Many homeowners have experienced the unfortunate side-effect of slick sales reps for various security companies in the past that managed to lock them into long contracts, usually for 3 to 5 years! -This is such an outdated model taken right from cable companies … and we all know how much we love those companies and contracts, right?

You don’t want that.

Neither would we.

That’s why at RELY, there’s no contract. Ever. Ever. And we seriously mean Never, Ever!

There’s nothing to sign, you can cancel anytime, and we even offer you a full 60-DAY RISK FREE TRIAL.

Being a Today Hero means being diligent, and it also means focusing on protecting your hard-earned money. With no contracts and no commitments, RELY is the perfect tool for your home protection.


Try Us RISK FREE For 60 Days!


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]

“I’ve Seen The Movies And Maybe Ever Heard It From Friends Or Family … Criminals Today Can Just Hack These Home Systems!”

Um, no … they can’t, at least not RELY’s. Based on Hollywood, we can cruise across the galaxy, have alien civilizations attacking us almost daily, and somehow people can jump from three stories parking structures, land on a speeding car, and still walk.

In the movies, anything’s possible, and with other security systems this is definitely possible, but in reality, with the right home security system (RELY) reliability is a the cornerstone of our operations.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


RELY utilizes proprietary PowerG technology to shut down those would-be hackers.

Essentially, what you have is a system that continually changes frequencies 64 times per second so that a would-be criminal hacker can’t lock on and disable or override the system.

Imagine Tom Cruise racing down a mutli-lane highway, zipping in and out of traffic, nefarious entities chasing him. They’re trying to get a lock on his car, but he’s changing lanes 64 TIMES PER SECOND!

But wait! One of the lanes suddenly closes (a hacker has locked onto that frequency). Our Hero simply changes lanes again and leaves his enemies still fumbling to catch up.

It’s Mission: Impossible in the real world!

RELY’s signals are fully Encrypted and Secured. Criminals … don’t even think about it!


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


“I Can’t Even Program My Remote, Much Less A Home Security System.”

(Maybe your kids, or grandkids could do it for you!)


We send RELY’s system pre-programmed and ready to go the second it arrives at your home. We have a team of entirely devoted to making this super easy, fast, and painless!

Seriously, RELY is one the simplest, easiest to use home security solutions on the market today. Setup is a flash and you don’t need to be a tech-geek with 12 doctorate degrees in IT to manage it.

Open the package, set the sensors where you want, plug it in … DONE!


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


“I Don’t Want To Invest In A System Just To Move In A Couple Of Years.”

Whether you’re currently renting, your job may relocate you, or this was never your dream home, that’s okay.

RELY is a home security solution you CAN TAKE WITH YOU.

There’s no such thing as ‘installation’ with this solution. The sensors can simply be removed, packed up, and taken with you… wherever your travels lead.

No drilling holes, no running wires or cables –zero installation needed!

One of the most common reasons people have for not considering a home security system is the possibility of moving, and with RELY, it’s a solution for LIFE.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


“I’m Armed … and Ready.”

You’ve got your handgun. Maybe a shotgun or rifle. They’re stored properly and safely.

The weight of that weapon in your hand can truly make you feel like a Hero, standing firm in the face of danger, or that’s at least how you’ve envisioned it in your mind.

But, because MOST home break-ins occur between 10am and 3pm, you will likely be at work when it happens. Or worse … you’re at work and your family is at home.

Out of over 2.8 million yearly U.S. burglaries (U.S. Department of Justice), 1,495,790 occur during the day, and 1,324,090 at night. 27.6% of the time a person is at home when these happen, and of that, 26% people are harmed.

Guess what?

On top of all this, those weapons you own are a high-value item on the street. It’s one of the first things burglars look for when they break in!

Even if you’re home at the time of a break-in, a thousand things could go wrong and it puts you and your family in a position nobody truly wants to be in. RELY helps to protect you AND your family, so you don’t have to turn to what should always be a last resort to stay safe.

There’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself and your family with weapons, but they’re only as effective as your presence, ability to properly handle them (especially under duress), and willingness to use them in a moment of crisis.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


“I Have A Big House … I’d Need More Than One System!”

Not with RELY.

The PowerG technology that is the foundation of RELY’s technical specs is strong enough that the SAME technology is used on the USS Midway, one of the largest ships in the world. The PowerG signal on THAT aircraft carrier, using just ONE relay, covers an area LONGER than 4 footballs fields, TALLER than a ten-story building, and WIDER a 8-lane highway.

PLUS, it moves through 4-inch steel walls WITHOUT A PROBLEM.

Even if you’re Tiger Woods and have a $60 million estate, RELY’s power and security is more than ample.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow}


“I’ve Got Dogs.”

Great! We love dogs. (What kind are they? … can I pet ‘em?)

Dogs are awesome. Larger dogs certainly provide a sense of security, but are they effective at protecting your home?

In the middle of the night barking’s going to rattle you from sleep, but what do you tend to do?

“Will you quit barking!”

During the day, when you’re not home, what’s that barking going to accomplish?

Not much.

It’s actually a great indication to burglars that you’re not home because nobody lets their dog keep barking like that!

In fact, determined burglars are rarely ever deterred by howling hounds. They might offer some raw meat or use a bat, put them in a closet, use mace, pills, or other object to hurt your best friend.

There’s a good chance dogs won’t stop break-ins.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


“What If There’s A Problem With The System?”

At RELY, we take our home security solutions seriously. That’s why we include a 3-year warranty on all new RELY equipment.

If there’s any issue, we’ll troubleshoot the problem and, if needed, we’ll replace what’s not working free of charge.

We’ll even provide support to help you get things set up.

On top of all that, keep updated with our website for blogs, resources, and other information that will help you.


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]



“Why Should I Pay For A Home Security System When Some Others Offer Them For Free?!?”

Well, not really.

Not only have we seen these types of scams (and you can’t really call them anything short of that), we’ve fallen victim to them ourselves … many years ago.

Think about it: is a company really going to last long by giving stuff away for … FREE? No. That’s why there’s nothing truly free when it comes to any retail product … or home security.

If you dig a bit closer, you’ll find multiple hidden fees and you’ll most definitely get locked into a 3 or 5-year contract with such a high monthly cost that your cell phone bill starts looking like a bargain.

Actually, with that ‘free’ system you end up paying $1,200 or more for it! In many cases, even more than that!

Sure, they can hand out these home security systems and even install them for only $99-$199 but first you have to sign the next half decade of your life away (and possibly put your children up for collateral).

At RELY, we can’t stand contracts … why would we make our customers sign one?

Also, our systems come pre-programmed just for you. Set up in minutes and there’s NO installation costs.

A Today Hero doesn’t fall for slick slogans and million-dollar marketing pitches … s/he pays attention and calls out those shady offers disguised as ‘free’ this or that.


[Take Action Today. For Tomorrow]


Did Any Of These Objections Sound Familiar?

Are You Ready To Finally Take Control And Make Sure Your Home And Family Are Safe, Every Minute Of The Day, Whether You’re Home Or Not?


RELY is the all-in-one complete home security solution that will transform you from a person just wanting to protect his home and family from theft to a TODAY HERO putting EVERY aspect of home security in their control.

Remember, every 13 SECONDS a house in the U.S. is being broken into. Sooner or later, the number will strike closer to home.

At RELY, we want you, our valued friend, to rise up, take control, and be EMPOWERED to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe each and every day.

When it comes to home security, you deserve a company you can RELY on.


Click Here To See Everything You Get With RELY’s Home Security Solution!


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]



RELY Is Perfect For:


Even in the ‘safest’ of neighborhoods, you can’t hide from the fact that a home break-in occurs EVERY 13 SECONDS in the U.S. (FBI Stats). If your home is not equipped with a RELY home security system … no matter what other methods you employ to keep protected … it is at risk.



Did you know that apartments are MORE likely to be victimized by a burglary than a house (National Crime Prevention Council)? For years, though, renters have been able to enjoy such protection because of hardwired installation, drilled holes and wires and lengthy contracts from traditional ‘home security companies.’ RELY breaks their grip to provide a simple-to-set-up and AFFORDABLE home security solution renters can take WHEREVER THEY MOVE, even to their future dream home! With NO CONTRACTS!



As parents, you want to keep your children safe. RELY provides the tools to not only protect you and them from potential burglars and home invasions, but also to control lighting, contact authorities during different kinds of emergencies, and even provide you the option for remote video check-in to ensure their safety when you’re not yet home.



We are all aging and as we do, our ability to protect ourselves at home decreases. With more threats coming each passing year. RELY is the optimal solution that arms seniors with warning sirens, lights, and information. The total package for one low monthly rate, with NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN … ever!


[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that RELY will be the best tool to help you become a TODAY HERO and protect your home and family … we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee.

No contracts. No wires. No installation (only a simple setup that’ll take the average person less than 7 minutes to complete).



[Securing Today. For Tomorrow]


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 Sample 1: SEO Article Marketing Sample

Sample 2: Travel Article

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Sample 4: Financial Banking Article

Sample 5: Tech Article

SEO Article Marketing

 Meta keywords:  article marketing strategy, directory submission, marketing articles

Meta description: An effective article marketing strategy is important to marketing articles on the Internet because it’s different than safelists and can be much more efficient, especially when you include directory submission to the plan.


Grab Visitors Through the Power of Your Words

As you’ve seen in the previous article, there are many different advertising methods at our disposal. There’s no right or wrong one, either, and some will be better than others for your business plan. The key is to find what works best and to be consistent. This may require you to try different methods.

This is going to be a long series so that I cover them all, and since I’m going to keep things organized for you, this list will be presented in alphabetical order. So, the first one will be about advertising marketing strategy and this includes directory submission (but I’ll get into that a bit later).

Marketing articles on the Internet is different than other methods because there are many ways to approach it. It’s not like safelists, for example, where you can simply post your ad and let it run. Before we really get into article marketing, though, we need to define it.

Article marketing is the practice of writing articles to promote a product or service, or to drive traffic to your website. It’s a form of advertising, but not a direct one.

Let me explain.

The purpose of an article is to give information to somebody about a certain topic. If you want to learn about how to get a pilot’s license, for instance, you could type in ‘how to get a pilot’s license article’ into a search engine and you’ll see several articles on the subject. It’s important to use the word ‘article’ because then we’ll know the search engines will return articles rather than a list of sites trying to sell us on their company. We also know that articles will be informative and not sales lines. Keep in mind that not everyone is a great writer but usually if you stick with an established, well-known article directory, you should find consistently fine articles. An effective article marketing strategy is to make sure the articles are informative to the topic presented.

So how does writing articles lead to advertising? Good question.

When you write an article, you can include what is known as a resource box in your directory submission. A resource box is where you promote your website with a short blurb and add your name. Of course, if people don’t read to the end of your article, they’ll miss this resource box, but I’ll get into that later. If the person who has found your article reads it through and finds it informative and interesting, they’ll click through to your website and from there you can do a number of things. I’ll also get into those later.

By submitting to article directories, you increase the likelihood that your articles will be viewed by people interested in what you’ve written about, which is what you’re promoting for your business.

Marketing articles begins with an effective article marketing strategy and that starts with an informative and quality article on the topic you’re promoting.

Next I’ll go over another way to use articles to promote your business: blogging.


Travel Article

The City of Rome

Rome. Once the capital of the world, its magnificence stretches beyond the sheer limits of the city itself. Its epic architecture and opulence stand as testimony to the once great empire that called this city home. For anyone who has visited Rome, they are fully aware of the power and impact this city can have on a person; for those who have yet to take in this city’s majesty, it offers a wealth of opportunity, history, art, and culture.

Rome is a city that wears its monumentality without reverence and perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects is that many of its architectural gems are passed around by cars and small scooters as though they were nothing more than mere traffic islands to endure.

The moment that one steps into the city limits, it bombards you with images that tease the senses as well as harkens back to an age long lost in the past of this historic location. The citizens of Rome encapsulate the spirit of this great and ancient city. In a city that fuels itself on aesthetics, combined with the urban legendary scenery, helps one to feel important just strolling down the street or catching the rising sunlight on their face in the morning, or even basking in the glow of the afternoon while taking in lunch.

While museums and galleries are in full abundance in Rome, if one wishes to avoid the indoor atmosphere, history simply surrounds you at all times. A casual stroll down the streets will lead from one historic site and architectural phenomenon to another, from one artistic masterpiece to the next. There is an old adage that states, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ This advice couldn’t be more accurate.


Arts and Culture

Rome is perhaps the most artistic and culturally significant city in the entire world. While many people don’t consider architecture to be an inherent art form, merely strolling through the streets of this city will bear witness to how inaccurate that sentiment it. The façades of some of Rome’s most famous structures speak to the importance it placed on artistry and construction, how the blending of two design forms and functions could be blended to create timely and lasting displays of genius.

The art that was created in Rome throughout its history is second to none and the numerous galleries and museums are testament to the greatness, wonder, and awe that these works inspired in centuries past as well as today. When planning a trip to Rome, it’s best to secure several days to at least take in something more than a small portion of this incredible destination.

Product Review

Piaggio MP3 500

Let’s face it; did you ever think you’d consider riding a scooter on American roads? Or worse, in the city? Neither did I. At least not until I got my hands, and feet, on the sporty new Piaggio MP3 500. All right, already, enough with the iPod jokes.

My friends wouldn’t consider me all that brave, or adventurous, so when I agreed to test-drive this ride, more than a few eyebrows cranked up in my presence. Let’s just not discuss the poor woman probably taking her kids to school that gave me a look of dread as I nearly sideswiped her minivan, okay?

In this eco-friendly, carbon footprint conscious society, we’re not going to sneeze at 60 mpg or the 500-cc’s of power this scooter generates to push it to almost 90 mph. You may receive a sneer or two from die-hard bikers, we just don’t suggest waving at them. It’s distinctive look won’t be confused with the Vespa as the two front wheels also offer greater stability and 20% more braking ability than its two-wheel cousin.

Now, for the fun stuff. Packing a stadium full of amazing into this little package, you’ll look like a pro speed racer if you take advantage of the 40-degree lean angle. 40-degrees can be intimidating, but with those two stabilizing front suspension wheels, you can’t miss. It’s a blast to ride, plain and simple.

If you take this down the trendy neighborhood streets near you, with their exotic cars hovering in the driveways, you’ll be sure to turn a few heads. The black model resembles something Christian Bale might be riding in the next Batman film.

If you’re like most professionals, your next concern will be features. How about an under-the-seat power supply for your laptop or cell phone? Works for me. You won’t have to worry about draining your batteries and not having any way to charge them.

When you’re ready to see what this thing can do, and you’ve convinced the girlfriend or wife that it’s safe, all you need to do is twist your wrist and feel the brisk acceleration. The road beneath your feet will rush by in a blur, but keep your eyes on the road ahead. With the Piaggio’s automatic continuously variable transmission, you’re in for a soft, smooth ride.

When you’re cruising into the city and facing a ton of red lights, don’t fret; this beauty has an electro-hydraulic locking mechanism that allows you to keep your feet up on the floorboard the entire time. If you’re tired of waiting through long lines of traffic just to get through the next light, the Piaggio is narrow enough to split lanes, bringing you to the front of the pack. Now that’s practically worth the price right there.

And don’t worry about ever getting lost. Options like the Tom-Tom could make this little beast awesome for longer trips as well. Coming in at just under $9,000, the Piaggio MP3 500 scooter is a blast to ride and, take it from me, it doesn’t get much more idiot-proof than this.

Financial Article

The Benefits of Offshore Banking: More Than Meets the Eye


Ask around and you’ll probably find a number of people, maybe even a majority, who have at least heard about offshore banking. But if you prod them for more specific answers about it you may find many misconceptions or even absolute mistruths. Offshore banking often gets its reputation from media coverage about large corporations ‘hiding’ money to avoid paying taxes, thus placing the average citizen under greater burden to cover that share, or something to that effect.

The fact is, offshore banking holds benefits not solely for the massive multi-million dollar companies, but for individuals seeking other options beyond their domestic banking selection. Let’s face it, financial institutions in the United States and Europe are struggling with bad asset management and investment decisions. They’re requiring a massive influx of taxpayer funded bailout funds to keep from collapsing. Those would be tax dollars you will have to cover whether you agree with it or not and from recent polls, a vast majority do not. Offshore banks offer more protection for you and your growing wealth but, more importantly, they offer shelter from increasing tax requirements so you can retain more of what you’ve earned. You pay the income tax to the tax authority where the offshore bank is located, which offers many options.


Aside from the financial assets of offshore banking, many countries provide tough secrecy laws that their financial institutions must follow. This protects you and your financial assets from unwarranted and undesirable exposure to outside sources. In our growing information age and increasing Internet fraud, these protections are critical to financial longevity.

Though offshore banking is available to anyone, the best protection is to set up a corporation, which will protect your assets and investments. Many banks require some evidence of the account’s signatory’s identity and some require more. Of course, you will be able to find offshore banks that don’t require any evidence of your identity but beware of the risk that may be involved in this course and check their home country’s secrecy and security laws first.

Make an Informed Decision

Setting up an offshore banking account may have its benefits, and may be available to anyone, but it’s necessary that each individual or company do their own research to find out what is the right structure for their needs. There are a growing number of businesses that claim to be able to help set up these corporation and individual offshore accounts, and they offer these services at a far reduced rate than more legitimate and established companies, but what they may not inform their clients is that the offshore banks they deal with may not offer the same protections and asset management opportunities.

When you decide that offshore banking is something you’re interested in for your business, or to protect your personal assets that you’ve worked hard to earn, know that there are solid, reputable firms that can set up these accounts for you. WSR Corporation is one of these responsible agencies. By utilizing their corporation and offshore banking set up services, you are afforded the top level of security to protect your identity and your assets. They have been specializing in corporate law since 1973. Experience matters when it comes to your assets.

When you decide that you want to protect your wealth and assets, when you want to retain more of what you’ve earned, know that there is an option beyond your country’s borders and it is secure and legal. Contact a reputable agency like WSR Corporation to find out more.

Tech Article

Getting to Know All About 4G

People throughout Great Britain as well as the rest of the world have likely become familiar with the term ‘3G.’ However, 4G has been the latest innovation that is intended to take smart phones and that technology to another level. The UK will finally be able to enjoy 4G on multiple networks and not just controlled solely by EE (Everything Everywhere) network.

So What is 4G?

Basically, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile communications standards. 4G technology provides high speed Internet access to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that use a USB wireless modem. There are a number of potential applications for 4G including IP telephony (the ability to make phone calls through an Internet portal from a smart phone, which bypasses the phone’s internal calling features), gaming services, HD mobile TV, video conferencing, and mobile Internet access.

4G also brings a faster upload and download rate to users of this technology. 4G technology has been in existence in different countries around the world since 2006, though those facts are arguable among close followers of the technology. For example, it is believed that these early releases (in Korea in 2006, for example) can even be considered 4G as they don’t fit the new technical definition of the term.

What is the Technical Definition of 4G?

In 2008, a specific set of standards was defined for 4G technology by the International Telecommunications Union-Radio (ITU-R) commission. This was labeled as the IMT-A specification (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced) and established that peak speed requirements for 4G classification be 100 megabits per second for high mobility communications, such as transit vehicles and cars.

It also declared that 1 gigabit per second speed was required for stationary or low mobility users, such as pedestrians and stationary individuals.

The Limitations in the United Kingdom

While 4G has been enjoyed by vast numbers of smart phone users in other parts of the world for years, it has been limited in the UK because it had been limited to one network, controlled by EE (Everything Everywhere). The agreement that had led to this monopoly by EE was set to end at the completion of the calendar year 2013, but a new agreement has been announced (though sealed) that other networks will be able to offer their customers the same benefits of 4G technology up to six months earlier.

That means that the rest of England and the UK will be able to start enjoying the benefits of 4G accessibility starting in the summer of 2013.

Because 4G offers such an advantage over 3G networks, many of the phones that are designed to operate with 4G have not been available to customers of network providers other than Everything Everywhere.

Some Complications

However, there are a few complications to this scenario and customers of other networks, such as O2, Three, and Vodafone should be aware of them. First, 4G requires more bandwidth than previous versions and only EE has enough spectrum space to launch this year. Other provider networks will have to sit back and wait for the government to auction more space from digital TV signals.

Economic Implications

For several years, there has been animosity and hostility by some of the major network providers with regard to 4G technology, but a peace treaty of sorts was finally reached because the economic impact that it has on the nation as a whole outweighed their individual interests. The government has managed to work with the networks to reach an amenable solution to this compounding problem.

The auction that will add more 4G availability will be moved from around March to sometime in January. This will allow these other network providers to be able to set up and begin testing their service signals, and ultimately being able to offer their services to customers toward the end of the summer in 2013.

Not All Regions Will be Affected

Not all regions throughout the UK will be able to take advantage of the 4G technology that is being introduced to the nation. More rural or highland areas will likely have to wait longer for 4G, possibly until the end of 2013.

The auction that will ultimately free up the spectrum space for these other networks has been repeatedly delayed and threatened through legal action on the part of phone companies. There was also a mix-up in digital TV signals across Europe, which needs to be rectified before the available space is auctioned off.

How Will 4G Alter the Smart Phone World?

As can be seen in other parts of the world such as Japan, Australia, and the United States, 4G has drastically altered the landscape of smart phone technology. The iPhone 4s and now iPhone 5 have been on the leading edge of smart phone technology and the apps that they offer, the versatility, and tools that customers use streamline business, personal affairs, and even social connectivity.

When smart phones have access to the 4G network, there are more features and options that can be added, including real-time updates from one’s favorite websites, mobile banking, and other mobile applications that help to make life easier.

The United Kingdom was, for the longest time, one of the pioneers of mobile technology, but as other nations have incorporated 4G systems and networks already, some for several years, it has hampered the nation’s ability to remain on the leading edge of this important technology.

Any further delays would have been detrimental to the future of broadband services, but thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel. When UK citizens finally have access to 4G, and the smart phones that connect to it provide features that take advantage of this increased speed, the long road to reach this point will have been worth the effort.


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