… Months Later and You Realize NO ONE Cares About Your CONTENT!

7:30 in the evening and you’re finally able to check some stats on your website. Not much has changed in the months since you hired an inexpensive writing service, but you were told it might take a while to see results. You paid for and posted about 50 blogs because you know search engines love content.

Imagine your surprise when you discover that investment has garnered NO ‘new’ readers. It has to be a mistake!
Maybe it’s not.

“But I paid a couple hundred dollars for this!”

For 50 blogs? You paid bottom dollar. You’re not happy nor should you be. What could have gone wrong? Why are there no comments other than mountains of spam you need to filter and not one single visitor to your site actually read a blog completely?

It’s All About Quality

This just isn’t what many people want to hear, especially when they expected something decent and paid what they believed was a fair rate. $5 for a 500-word blog should have gotten you somewhere, right?

Well, let’s put it this way: you might have gotten lucky and found a relatively new freelance writer who was building his or her portfolio. They might have been willing to work for pennies on the dollar and deliver the topics you sought. The grammar was decent enough. It passed Copyscape (if you want to know the truth about Copyscape and plagiarism, read this). The title sounded solid. ‘Good enough.’

What you failed to understand, though, is the Internet is now congested with websites, blogs, vlogs, memes, and so much more that your content has to stand out. It has to do several things.

First, it needs to captivate.

The headline or title must grab attention from the first line. It needs to get your target audience thinking about the problem they have and convince them you have the solution!

Second, it must engage.

From the opening paragraph to the final line, it has to be well-written prose that keeps their attention. If there’s any fluff (often designed to just hit a specific word count), if it doesn’t keep them enthralled or live up to the opening promise of solving their problem, odds are they’ll click away (and fast), likely never to return.

Third, it needs a solid finish.

The adage ‘it’s not how you start, but how you finish’ does not apply here! I’ll say it again … when it comes to content on the Internet, it has to start strong and must finish even stronger. Your target audience needs to leave feeling as though they’ve gained something.



A solution.

You can pay all you want for the cheapest writers out there, but it’s the seasoned veterans who’ll help you get results. The question you need to ask is: how much is it worth to you to finally get engaged prospects? How do you think you’ll fare in a few months if your competitors have already realized the value of a top rated writing service?

Top quality writing services are more than worth their rates, so long as they deliver on the promises they make.